Cell Phone Policy

Cell Phone Storage
This is an example of the storage that will be provided for student cell phones that are brought into class.

Cell Phones

Students are not required to bring cell phones to school.


Cell phones must be powered off and kept out of sight during transition in between classes, during lunch time and before and after school while students are on campus.
During the school day students may use their cell phone as directed by the teacher for instructional activities only.

When students arrive to each class they will place their cell phone on the cell phone holder for that class. Student's cell phone will remain in the cell phone holder until the class dismisses or the teacher allows students to use their cell phone for an instructional activity.


Students who violate this policy will be subject to the following consequences...
First violation- Cell phone confiscated & returned to the student at the end of the day.
Second violation- Cell phone confiscated & held at school for 3 days. Parent must pick up cell phone.
Third violation- Cell phone confiscated & held at the school for 5 days, a parent must
pick up the phone.
Fourth and Subsequent violation - Same as 3rd violation.